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What is Collaborative Business Help?

No one knows your business, it’s customers, staff, marketplace and vision of success as well as you do.
At CBH, we listen for what’s working, what isn’t and help business owners to figure out what to do about it, and then we coach them on how to map a clear path to better success.


We listen for what isn't working and help business owners figure out how to fix it and when. We help map a clear path to better success for the company and the Team.

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Designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We teach the key skills needed to turn the ship around, reset the company gps, and head for clear sailing ahead.

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Say goodbye to frustrating disconnects between staff, policies and processes. Say hello to an aligned team who collaborate, engage and contribute their best.

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It’s hard to learn on the fly. It’s even harder to step back out of the crazy ‘day-to-day’ to figure out what you don’t know, and what’s driving the results that frustrate you.

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Tony Digiovanni
Landscape Ontario Executive Director
April 2016

I remember when she first came into the office, she introduced herself I was immediately impressed by her professionalism, by her knowledge, by her drive and her passion for the industry and also for business…. She naturally inspires others…

Susan Potvin
Owner, Flourish Garden Services
February 2016

You are one of the best in this industry and I feel so privileged to have had the benefit of your excellent insights and advice. Looking into the wheels and struts of my business was invaluable to me and the future of my company. The consultation process was deep, thought-provoking and so effective.

Aileen Taylor
Program Coordinator, Muskoka Futures
March 2016

Bravo Jacki! The President’s Planning day was jam packed, well prepared and flowed purposefully. The resources like the roadmap and growth chart were useful. You connected well with the participants and received high evaluations. Your style exudes as a seasoned facilitator.

Jacki Hart, CLM

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